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Quick Tutorial

Using the basic functionality of Lotto Sorcerer is an easy process, with three steps:
  1. Setup a lottery
  2. Enter numbers previously drawn (manually, through importing or online updating)
  3. Have Lotto Sorcerer generate suggested numbers to play

Step One of Three: Setup a Lottery

You need to setup at least one lottery by using the Lottery Setup Wizard. Do this from the Main Window. Choose the menu item "Lottery Structure > Lottery Setup Wizard". The Lottery Setup Wizard will appear:

Image 1

Next, choose your locale...

Image 2

...then choose your lottery...

Image 2

...then click the "Yes" button:

Image 3

Note: If your lottery is not shown in the list, click the "Refresh" button in the Lottery Setup Wizard to see if your lottery has been added since the last release of Lotto Sorcerer. If your lottery is still not showing up, then you may be able to set it up as a "custom" lottery by clicking the "No" button. Click here for a tutorial.

You will be shown a summary of the lottery. Verify the shown settings, and click the "Create" button if the settings are correct, or the "Back" button to make corrections.

Image 4

Step Two of Three: Enter, Import, Scrape or Update Online Previously Drawn Numbers

It is important that your lottery be kept up-to-date with prior lottery draws. There are four ways to do this:
  1. Use our optional Lottery Data Service and update supported lotteries with just one click. To start a subscription, use menu item "Lottery Data > Lottery Data Subscription > Start Subscription".
  2. Import lottery data from your lottery by using menu item "Lottery Data > Import Lottery Data".
  3. Scrape the drawing data from a web page.
  4. Enter the past drawings manually.
This tutorial will show the fourth method (manual entry).

In the Main Window, choose your lottery from the dropdown menu at the top of window:

Click the date on the Calendar, located at the bottom left, for the date of the lottery draw. This example will use December 22, 2020:

Enter the drawings in the text boxes, in the "Lottery Drawing Entry" section, near the lower middle of the window...

... and click the "Enter" button at the lower right part of the window..

The numbers should appear at the top of the past drawings grid:

Step Three of Three: Have Lotto Sorcerer Generate Suggestions to Play

In the Projections Parameter tab of the Main window, select your desired number of suggestions, and the suggestions parameters...

...then click the "Next" button:

If your lottery supports filters, select your filters in the "Filters" tab, then click the "Next" button at the bottom right of the window...

Note: Filters are optional.

Which takes you to the "Projections Results" tab. Finally, click the "Start" button at the top left of the window:

When finished, Lotto Sorcerer will have the suggested numbers displayed:

Click here for more tutorials.

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