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U.S. Gazetteer

U.S. Gazetteer

We offer a gazetteer of the United States that may prove useful to both professional and amateur cartographers and geographers, as well as armchair cartophiles.

Description of the Data

The data is provided in compressed ".zip" format. After decompressing, the resultant file consists of a comma-separated value (CSV) file, with each record separated by commas, terminated by a carriage return and linefeed.

Each record contains:
  1. Name of the geographic feature
  2. Category of the geographic feature
  3. State (2-letter abbreviation) of the geographic feature
  4. County name of the geographic feature
  5. The latitude of the of the geographic feature
  6. The longitude of the of the geographic feature
  7. The geographical feature's elevation (in feet)
  8. The name of the USGS topographical map for the geographic feature


"Category" will be from a list of 64 categories:
  1. Airport
  2. Arch
  3. Area
  4. Arroyo
  5. Bar
  6. Basin
  7. Bay
  8. Beach
  9. Bench
  10. Bend
  11. Bridge
  12. Building
  13. Canal
  14. Cape
  15. Cemetery
  16. Census
  17. Channel
  18. Church
  19. Civil
  20. Cliff
  21. Crater
  22. Crossing
  23. Dam
  24. Falls
  25. Flat
  26. Forest
  27. Gap
  28. Glacier
  29. Gut
  30. Harbor
  31. Hospital
  32. Island
  33. Isthmus
  34. Lake
  35. Lava
  36. Levee
  37. Locale
  38. Military
  39. Mine
  40. Oilfield
  41. Park
  42. Pillar
  43. Plain
  44. Populated Place
  45. Post Office
  46. Range
  47. Rapids
  48. Reserve
  49. Reservoir
  50. Ridge
  51. School
  52. Sea
  53. Slope
  54. Spring
  55. Stream
  56. Summit
  57. Swamp
  58. Tower
  59. Trail
  60. Tunnel
  61. Unknown
  62. Valley
  63. Well
  64. Woods
"State" is the two-letter abbreviation of the U.S. state, per ANSI standard INCITS 38:2009.

"Latitude" and "longitude" are in decimal values, to seven decimal places.

"Latitude" is expressed as a positive value for a location north of the equator (i.e., "north latitude"); and expressed as a negative value south of the equator ("south latitude").

"Longitude" is expressed as a positive value east of the prime meridian ("east longitude") and expressed as a negative value west of the prime meridian ("west longitude").

Sample Line

Here is a sample line from the database:

Hitchcock,Populated Place,IN,Washington,38.6381121,-86.1697026,856,Smedley

Pricing of the Data

The pricing is a flat US$9.99 per dataset.

Delivery of the Data

You will be provided a password-protected web address from which you can download your chosen dataset. The link will be active for fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase.

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