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Below you will find the unsolicited comments we have received over the years.
  1. "...Lotto Sorcerer is nothing short of a magical tool, at least when it comes to improving your lottery odds." — Lottery 'n Go ("Best Lottery Software and Prediction Tools 2024")
  2. "I have tried several other brands of lottery software and [Lotto Sorcerer] is by far and hands-down the best." — K.H., Midlothian, Virginia
  3. "[I] have been quite happy with the product..." — D.L., Location Unknown
  4. "Last night I won $750 in LA Pick-4 at 5Dimes. Your program has extremely improved since the v3.0 days." — J.R., Escondido, California
  5. "I just wanted to let you know that in the past few days I have used [Lotto Sorcerer v7] now that it does work. In the past 3 days I have made over 1200 bucks with pick 3 and 4 for the lotto here in Florida. I keep it simple and I use at least 25 numbers per draw. I run the program about 3 times and it always have some good numbers. I trust the program and yes it really does work." — M.H., Miramar, Florida
  6. "Thanks for all your help in my time of distress with my computer. You[r] customer service is excellent and I will recommend Satori [Publishing] to other people." — D.B., Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
  7. "Wanted you guys to know that we won using your lottery program. Just wanted to say thank you." — T.C., Bonney Lake, Washington
  8. "If this program never makes another correct suggestion, it did on my first attempt. I love what I am seeing, great job." — B.W., Chattahoochee, Florida
  9. "I have won the third division prize [using Lotto Sorcerer]!" — V.S., South Africa
  10. "Last night's Louisiana Pick 3 was 496. Lotto Sorcerer had me covered.... It picked 496, and I played 1.00 Straight/Box!" — D.F., New Iberia, Louisiana
  11. I... never really was a pick 3 and 4 player, but I have to say these past few weeks I have hit the pick 3 and 4 hard here in North Carolina [using Lotto Sorcerer]." — B.M., Mebane, North Carolina
  12. "The first time I used [Lotto Sorcerer], the first time it gave numbers on my computer, was the first time I won 'Pick 3' and the biggest amount of money I have ever won. It was $341.00... Now, I don't expect to win every day but the reality is that it improves my odd so greatly that I now see my self as a very lucky person. The luck being that I found 'LOTTO SORCERER'. THANK YOU!" — J.M., Texas
  13. "[Lotto Sorcerer] is the BEST out there." — E.R., Austin, Texas
  14. "...last night I played 3 suggestions from Lotto Sorcerer, and won a Pick 3 double number box. $80.00... Lottery number was 556 and Lotto Sorcerer had picked 565 for me. So I am happy... I have tried several lottery number picking type programs, but so far I think Lotto Sorcerer is the best." — D.F., New Iberia, Louisiana
  15. "Thank you again, I paid for this program with my winnings from Georgia's Cash 3 Midday, thanks to your program." — P.J., Athens, Georgia
  16. "I recently downloaded your Lotto Sorcerer program, and was impressed." — R.K., Cleveland, Ohio
  17. "After inputting the data for the latest drawing, I had the program pick 25 selections of possible winning numbers. [Lotto Sorcerer] picked 5 of 6 netting me $1500. I am a believer!!!!!" — D.P., Maryland
  18. "[Lotto Sorcerer] SUCCESSFULLY identified ALL (6) numbers (NY Lotto 59) in the analysis when asked for (20) recommended plays... If each unique number... in the list was placed in a 'wheeling' program, all (6) numbers appeared. Depending upon the wheel chosen and the positioning of the drawn numbers, a JACKPOT win could have actually been secured." — E.L., location unknown
  19. "I, too, have found that Lotto Sorcerer can find likely numbers way above average chance." — H.N., Tokyo, Japan
  20. "Not a bad little app....got 4 of 6 numbers 3 times in one month..." — M.D., location unknown
  21. "I'm using Lotto Pro, Lotto Wiz and Winlottosystems Premium which all work just fine but are not as good as Lotto Sorcerer for picking numbers." — P.C., Ferny Hills, Australia
  22. "This program seems to work! If I'd played enough times during the evaluation period, I'd be about $700 ahead!" — S.Y., Berkeley, California
  23. "This is the best program I have seen for a while. I have been studying chaos theory, time cycles and lotteries for many years now. I believe that your program is on the right track." — L.P., location unknown
  24. "I am really satisfied with the [Lotto Sorcerer]. Thank you for a great program." — R.C., Oshawa, Ontario
  25. "I am sending you a check for your Lotto Sorcerer software. I have to say I am genuinely impressed. I have tried just about every software product for lotteries that has been made. Not one has produced the results yours has. I live in Massachusetts and I have scored 4 out of 6 two drawings in a row in the Mass Millions." — A.D., Boston, Massachusetts
  26. "Neat software!" — A.E., location unknown
  27. "I didn't win anything big, but Wow!, this software is great and consistent. I won more than i spent so that is something by far. Thank you! " — S.T., Timonium, Maryland
  28. "Great product! " — W.H., Singapore
  29. "I've never seen a program so easy to use..." — J.B., Knoxville, Tennessee
  30. "Thank you for a great product at a great price!" - R.B., New Orleans, Louisiana
  31. "I really like your program..." - E.D., location unknown
  32. "I'm an avid fan of your fantastic software. I won a few times..." — V.D., the Philippines
  33. "I was impressed with your software..." — R.C., New Mexico
  34. "...I LOVE [Lotto Sorcerer] and use it. The GUI is great and it is fun to use." — B.F., Location Unknown
  35. "...just want to say I really love this software..." — S.G., Gordonsville, Virginia
  36. "I've been playing for years... I started using [Lotto Sorcerer] for a couple of months... I won $1200 last week!" — J.M., Cairo, Illinois
  37. "I think [Lotto Sorcerer] is the best from all the [lottery software programs] that I bought in the past!!" — J.M., Bowral, Australia
  38. "[Lotto] Sorcerer is far superior in developing game play suggestions (is really a little gem) with a far better 'hit' rate than anything else I use." — P.R., Melbourne, Australia
  39. "Keep up the great job on the program." — T.W., Tulsa, Oklahoma
  40. "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!." — B.R., Miri, Malaysia
  41. "So far I have won $250 using [Lotto Sorcerer]." — J.W., location unknown
  42. "To say that I am impressed with your customer service would be the understatement of the century. Wow.... in this day and age of sending emails and never hearing back from companies it is refreshing to do business with Satori Publishing. Three emails awaiting for me this morning with a solution and clearly explained directions, again WOW!" — D.D., Salina, Kansas
  43. "I cannot survive without your wonderful program." — S.B., Akron, Ohio
  44. "Just to let you know that [Lotto Sorcerer] gave me a £20 win on my first usage." — F.M., United Kingdom
  45. "Thank you very much for your software, it's very useful for me." — W.W., Gdansk, Poland
  46. "I... am very pleased with [Lotto Sorcerer]..." — D.T., Shifnal, United Kingdom
  47. "I use Lotto Sorcerer religiously!" — D.C., Nashville, Tennessee
  48. "I am very pleased with [Loto Sorcerer]. [It does] produce winning numbers." — E.C., Granada Hills, California
  49. "Thank you for adding Viking Lotto to [Lotto Sorcerer]." — N.L., Vantaa, Finland
  50. "Good job!!!" — D.H., Hendersonville, Tennessee
  51. "I did an experiment by using numbers suggested by Lotto Sorcerer and numbers from Quick Picks... Lotto Sorcerer consistently had a higher rate of wins [than Quick Picks]." — R.S., Poughkeepsie, New York
  52. "I just wanted to tell you how great your software is. I am extremely satisfied with the results... Thank you again for a magnificent program!" — G.H., Johnstown, Pennsylvania
  53. "Lotto Sorcerer... is an excellent and the best scientifically available lotto program." — E.R., Austin, Texas
  54. "...[Lotto Sorcerer Pick 3/4] seems to be doing a pretty good job. One hit every five to nine days, which is better than what I have seen from a lot of other programs..." — R.H., location unknown
  55. "I am not a gambler but I know a good thing [Lotto Sorcerer] when I see one." — R.B., Portmore, Jamaica
  56. "Thank you... and just letting you know I have won my first 4 times 4th place in Melate and Revancha, never had won that many times in one time." — L.E., Somewhere in Mexico
  57. "Great program! It does a good job at finding winning patterns over time." — G.G., Buena Park, California
  58. "...your program out performs my others! Getting three number hits isn't easy for any program, yours does it in 20 numbers....I'm impressed!" — R.E., location unknown
  59. "Bought the program and really like it..." — J.J., Rock Island, Washington
  60. "I was quite surprised with the first go at Fantasy 5. I came up with 10 winning numbers out of fifteen numbers." — R.E., Woodstock, Georgia
  61. "I have had a lot of success with [Lotto] Sorcerer." — N.M., Mitcham, United Kingdom
  62. "Lotto Sorcerer ROCKS!" — J.D., Montego Bay, Jamaica
  63. "I like your program and I been winning since I started... I think it is great." — S.G., Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
  64. "Well your program is good, I won 3 numbers twice with 6 suggestions ." — S.S., South Africa
  65. "I've hit the number 23 days in a row since using the program." — L.C., Flint, Michigan
  66. "Thanks for a great product..." — E.C., Syracuse, New York
  67. "[I am] very happy with [Lotto Sorcerer's] performance." — M.G., Fall River, Massachusetts
  68. "I like your software [Lotto Sorcerer]..." — A.E., Marietta, Georgia
  69. "Thank you for Lotto Sorcerer, it really does work!" — W.C., Chillicothe, Ohio
  70. "[Lotto Sorcerer is] a great program." — K.D., Canada
  71. "I think [Lotto Sorcerer] is fantastic." — O.N., Stockholm, Sweden
  72. "I love your program. I use it every week and it's already paid for itself. Keep up the good work!" — J.R., Troutville, Virginia
  73. "I find [Lotto Sorcerer] very easy to use and quite reliable." — F.B., Belgium
  74. "YOU... HAVE THE BEST LOTTERY SOFTWARE OUT THERE..." — J.E., Chicago, Illinois
  75. "Thanks for... [the] creation of a wonderful product." — C.B., Norfolk, Virginia
  76. "You have a good program..." — E.R., Kirkland, Washington
  77. "Your program is so easy to use. Thank you." — E.G., Decatur, Georgia
  78. "I am quite impressed. So far this is the best I've seen on the market." — I.K., Toronto, Canada
  79. "I think [Lotto Sorcerer] is a great product." — K.B., location unknown
  80. "I wanted to thank you for your personal attention (and answers to my extra questions), your support team are [sic] exceptional and made me feel like a real valued customer. Keep it up and thanks again!" — J.S., Canada
  81. "[Lotto] Sorcerer is one of the BEST programs I currently use for lottery, bar none!" — R.S., Cape Coral, Florida
  82. "Thanks!! That's all I'll say." — L.S, Greenville, Kentucky
  83. "I think you have a heck of a program." — R.G., Seattle, Washington
  84. "Great software!!" — W.V., , location unknown
  85. "I sure love this Lotto Sorcerer software!" — T.T., Pulan Pinang, Malaysia
  86. "I have purchased [Lotto Sorcerer] and found it useful..." — M.F., Malta
  87. "During my first... test with Lotto Sorcerer, one of the top ten suggested numbers was 2-1-1-5... the ACTUAL draw was 2-1-1-4. Not bad!" — S.G., Boston, Massachusetts
  88. "I have already downloaded the new version [of Lotto Sorcerer], and I liked it. Good work." — V.C., Sao Paulo, Brazil
  89. "[Lotto Sorcerer] is great!!!! Your system is the best... I've been viewing other programs like yours, and been to other sites, and ordered their products, even used some free products, only to find myself spending much more money than your site. I think yours is Number ONE...It gives you a set of the most affordable numbers to play... my last win made me $500! Thank you once again for a system so wonderful." — K.K., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  90. "Your program is GREAT! I have hit 3 & 4 numbers several times, I am now playing on the State of Texas' money!" — G.O., Yantis, Texas
  91. "Thanks for all your help in my time of distress with my computer. Your customer service is excellent and I will recommend Satori to other people." — D.B., Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
  92. "I picked up a prize on my first coupon using the [Lotto] Sorcerer selection (almost paid for the program) so I'm happy already." — M.S., Gladstone, Australia
  93. "[I] am quite impressed by the ease of use [of Lotto Sorcerer]" — S.W., Perth, Australia
  94. "Thank you for your product." — C.B., Norfolk, Virginia
  95. "Would like to leave some feedback to your program. It is easy to use and one of the best I used. It guessed 4 out of 6 numbers. Keep it up." — A.L., Location Unknown
  96. "I really enjoy using Lotto Sorcerer, and on the first week of use it came close to winning me a few bucks. Much better than another program I have been using." — A.C., Cumberland, Rhode Island
  97. "I did hit 4#'s playing lotto... after about 5 weeks" — A.S., location unknown
  98. "Thanks for a great program." — J.U., Mariehamn, Finland
  99. "Really love your product [Lotto Sorcerer]!" — D.P., West Springfield, Massachusetts
  100. "I played five tickets Indiana's Lucky 5 lottery [using Lotto Sorcerer]. Three of the tickets matched 4 numbers, so I won $600! And two of those tickets were only one number away from winning $50,000!" " — J.S., Michigan City, Indiana
  101. "My complements on the program, you have several features others don't have, and it is much easier and quicker to use." — T.F., Mount Waverly, Australia
  102. "Your software is very nice..." — A.S., Barntrup, Germany
  103. "Much appreciation and thanks [for your technical support]. I bought my computer from Dell. They have no idea what support means. I followed your instructions and system worked. You can put me down as a very satisfied customer." — N.H., location unknown
  104. "[I] have to say I'm very pleased with [Lotto Sorcerer]." — J.F., Inverness, Scotland
  105. "I LOVE THE PROGRAM" — L.R., Beaverton, Oregon
  106. "Great product! Easy to use, fast and powerful. Great price." — H.R., Hamden, Washington
  107. "Love the latest Lotto Sorcerer! I really liked the previous version, but WOW! this [Lotto Sorcerer] is like going from a Volkswagen to a Viper, a Pinto to a Porsche, a...you get the idea!" — S.M., Rome City, Indiana
  108. "[I am] a very satisfied registered user of our software!" — H.Z., Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  109. "I've been using the program quite successfully for some years now." — N.M., Mitcham, United Kingdom
  110. "I am 100% satisfied as a customer. You are the best I have ever seen. Keep up the good job. I am hopeless without your program." — S.B., Akron, Ohio
  111. "I love [Lotto Sorcerer], that is why I purchased it!" — E.G., Miami, Florida
  112. "[Lotto Sorcerer is] my favorite program..." — J.J., Edgewood, Texas
  113. "I really like your program." — A.M., Phoenix, Arizona
  114. "I enjoy [Lotto Sorcerer's] interface....nice, clean and simple. Others on the market are too complicated with too many variables." — E.K., Hanover Park, Illinois
  115. "7 Florida Fantasy 5 tickets with easymatch won for a total of $330.00 which gives me $270.00 profit on my FIRST DAY OF PLAYING with your fantastic software." — P.B., MIami, Florida
  116. "Great program!" — K.C., Collinsville, Illinois
  117. "Congratulations for your very effective software. I own dozens of lotto softwares: Gail Howard, Lotwin, Lottonet; Lotto Hat... Yours is the best!" — E.H., Cruz Quebrada, Portugal
  118. "I am very happy with your software because it does work..." — D.T., Jacksonville, Florida
  119. "I would like to say that I think the program is great! It has paid itself off several times. Recently I won $1,680. Thanks again..." — J.S., Miami, Florida
  120. "I love your software, recommended it to all my friends (three of them have purchased their own copies)..." — S.M., Spokane, Washington
  121. "I [use Lotto Sorcerer] with good results, being ahead by $200 dollars or so... I really enjoy the results." — B.W., Kittery, Maine
  122. "I am very satisfied with [Lotto Sorcerer]." — N.H., Plailly, France
  123. "I just hit the pick 4 with your program the first time out. I have three other programs [but Lotto Sorcerer] gives me a much better look at what may play next. Keep up the good work and thank you." — D.H., Mesquite, Texas
  124. "[Lotto Sorcerer is] a nice program... it works very good, thank you..." — E.K., Netherlands
  125. "I have just tried your demo version of Lotto Sorcerer and think its a great program... the best lotto program out there." — B.N., Location Unknown
  126. "Looks like a GREAT program!" — J.B., Scottsdale, Arizona
  127. "I used the trial version [of Lotto Sorcerer] and on my 4th day using it I won 23,000 pesos, almost hit that jackpot!" — M.T., Phillipines
  128. "Thank you very much for your fast reply to my e-mail. My problem was quickly solved by you. I am very happy with your support." — C.S., Porches, Portugal
  129. "Just let me say how much I enjoy using your application. It has been fun and mildly profitable, thanks!" — A.W., Mount Martha, Australia
  130. "[I] would like to leave some feedback to your program. It is easy to use and one of the best I used. It guessed 4 out of 6 numbers. Keep it up." — A.L., Location Unknown
  131. "[The] first day I purchase[d] the Lotto Sorcerer and use[d] it, I won in the 3 Digit Philippine Lotto, numbers that came out are 5-6-1... great software!" — M.T., Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
  132. "Unbelievable, your program guessed four (4) out of five (5) numbers yesterday. Keep it up." — M.R., Greenford, United Kingdom
  133. "Thanks for your great software..." — P.G., Athens, Greece
  134. "I like the program very much; so far I [have won] $150.00 in the [Canadian] 6/49 in the suggestions." — D.R., Anjou, Quebec
  135. "I just wanted to say thanks! My husband lost his job as a pipe-fitter eight months ago, and I bought Lotto Sorcerer to help out with the household expenses while he is out of work. Using Lotto Sorcerer, I have paid $5,029 in lottery expenses and won $17,656! With those winnings and my husband's unemployment, it is enough to get us through these tough times. Thanks guys ... I give Lotto Sorcerer 5-stars!" — C.T., Location Unknown
  136. "[Lotto Sorcerer has] been lucky for me so far — I win at least $20 every time! Wasted my money for years, this has been great..." — M.G., Winnipeg, Manitoba
  137. "A friend of mine printed me a list of 20 suggested Powerball numbers from Lottery Sorcerer and I won $10,000 on January 16, 2010. This was the greatest unexpected gift ever!!!! Thank you, Lotto Sorcerer!" — M.L., Columbia, South Carolina
  138. "I recently won £30+, I feel a big win coming on soon, I find [Lotto Sorcerer] very useful as I'm now getting a lot more frequent small wins." — M.R., Greenford, United Kingdom
  139. "I'm a believer! Hey I've only been [using] Lotto Sorcerer a couple of weeks and I hit 4 out of 6 numbers down here in Brasil for the Mega Sena, winning R$336!" — J.P., Miami, Florida
  140. "Good job! Your program made me guess 3 numbers out of 6. Congrats!" — J.G, Location Unknown
  141. "Lotto Sorcerer is fantastic! I won 4/6 in my lotto 6/49 yesterday with only 5 discrete suggestions." — B.P., Ste-Clotilde-De-Horton, Quebec
  142. "I would like to say [Lotto Sorcerer] attended all my expectations." — A.D., São Paulo, Brazil
  143. "I've been using Lotto Sorcerer for several years now and overall I must say I'm pleased with the program." — H.S., Los Angeles, California
  144. "I love your software, it is really good, better than some of the expensive software I have purchased. Again, thank you." — K.J., Plano, Texas
  145. "I was impressed that between the hot and cold number, Lotto Sorcerer included all five winning numbers for Texas Cash Five." — J.B., Location Unknown
  146. "As a registered user I am reporting the 2nd win [jackpot for Illinois Little Lottery, $100,000 prize]" — L.M., Aurora, Illinois
  147. "Had I played today [using the numbers Lotto Sorcerer suggested], I would have won in Massachusetts Mid-Day, with a First 3 Last 3 any order... it is uncanny." — D.M., Canton, Massachusetts
  148. "Bought [Lotto Sorcerer] yesterday 10/08/2011 and hit my first Pick 3 box for $40 (Florida Cash 3 Midday) on 10/09/2011 so that pays for program (10 suggestions, $1 Str/Bx returns $40 minus the bet $30 profit)." — A.F., Sebring, Florida
  149. "I have purchased other neural networks for hundreds of dollars and [Lotto Sorcerer] works better..." — C.C., Aurora, Colorado
  150. "Thanks for a great product." — E.C., Syracuse, New York
  151. "[Lotto Sorcerer] is great. Managed to guess 3 out of 5." — M.F., Masta, Malta
  152. "I really like [Lotto Sorcerer]. I think it's one of the best out there." — K.B., Jamaica
  153. "I bought your Lotto Sorcerer software recently and it is pretty neat." — S.T., Bellingham, Washington
  154. "Since using Lotto Sorcerer, I haven't won any big jackpots or anything, but I did hit $450 on Virginia Mega Millions by getting three regular numbers and the bonus number correct and playing "megaplier" to triple my $150 win." — C.N., Norfolk, Virginia
  155. "I am a recent purchaser of your Lotto Sorcerer. I am very satisfied with it and have been enjoying it very much! I have really been enjoying the software and how detailed and user friendly it is." — K.D., Location Unknown
  156. "Just wanted to submit a review for you guys... Well done, I love your program!!! Keep it up!!! Customer for life!!!" — C.K., Bethany, Oklahoma
  157. "In the past 3 days I have made over 1200 bucks with pick 3 and 4 for the lotto here in Florida. I trust the program and yes it really does work." — M.H., Miramar, Florida
  158. "I use Lotto Sorcerer exclusively, with good results..." — W.B., Creighton, Saskatchewan
  159. "OK, WOW!! I just started using the Lotto Sorcerer last weekend, and already it has produced 2 winning numbers for the Texas Daily 4 drawing!! The numbers were not in the exact order, but doesn't matter, you can still win $600." — R.G., Fort Worth, Texas
  160. I have hit 4/5 of the Carolina Cash 5 eight times with [Lotto Sorcerer]. Unfortunately I do not have the tickets as proof; the clerk took them and I didn't ask for them back as I was so excited. Thanks for a great progarm. Future wins I will foward pictures so you may post to your site for future customers. Thanks again for the program! Looking forward to winning millions very soon!" — B.M., Mebane, North Carolina
  161. I have had pretty good success using the Lotto Sorcerer program already winning around 3 times the cost of the program." — C.A., Elkridge, Maryland
  162. I love this lottery program (Lotto Sorcerer)." — D.R., Kent, United Kingdom
  163. I used Lotto Sorcerer 7 to play West Virginia's Daily 4 yesterday, using only 5 suggestions, and won. The winning numbers were 4966 and I played 6649 straight/box. That's impressive, for I've never hit on a Pick 4." — B.P., Martinsburg, West Virginia
  164. I have a registered copy of the Lotto Sorcerer and would love to let you guys know that you have created possibly the very best lottery software on the face of this planet. Please believe this." — O.S., Houston, Texas
  165. "This Lottery Program helped me win 5 out of 6 numbers in the Wisconsin Megabucks Lottery. Yes, it worked perfectly. I have to admit when I first bought it I wasn't sure what to expect but boy did it deliver, and it still does. Just last week I won 4 out of 6 numbers in the Wisconsin Lottery again!"— L.S., Detroit, Michigan
  166. "I thank you for your excellent support. I have been dealing with you for quite some time and would like to assure you that the way you have supported me in the past is like winning a jackpot in advance."— A.T., Riebeek Kasteel, South Africa
  167. "Really like your software and I have done well with it."— C.R., Belle Haven, Virginia
  168. "Your Lottery Sorcerer is AWESOME!"— K.J., Plano, Texas
  169. "I've already won the lottery twice with these two versions [Lotto Sorcerer versions 7 and 8]."— H.S., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  170. "I purchased Lottery Sorcerer a few days ago and think it is a great program — easily the best!"— R.R., Hove, United Kingdom
  171. "...the best lottery program I have ever found."— R.S., Cape Coral, Florida
  172. "Your version 8 [of Lotto Sorcerer] is the best lottery software that I have ever used, and I've tried quite a few!" — M.N., Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
  173. "I... am greatly pleased with [Lotto Sorcerer's] performance..."— J.D., Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan
  174. "I finally won Pick 3, using [Lotto Sorcerer].""—T.N., Pretoria, South Africa
  175. "Thanks for a great product."—P.N., Invercargill, New Zealand
  176. "Wowsers! [Lotto Sorcerer] really works. I did a projection run on one of the the games here, and 5 numbers matched out of 6. Very impressive!"—D.K., Subang Jaya, Malaysia
  177. "I've hit for 5 numbers [using Lotto Sorcerer] in Lotto 6/49 3 times, and missed a 3 way split of $4 million by one number... I've used so many different lotto programs since the mid 80s, and Lotto Sorcerer is the only one that has hit 5 numbers for me."—W.B., Creighton, Saskatchewan
  178. "Best email help line I've ever used ...thumbs up!"—G.G., Kingston, Jamaica
  179. "Thank you for your great software."—H.N., Tokyo, Japan