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Mission Statement

Lotto Sorcerer originated as an experiment in a computer laboratory over 20 years ago. Its sole objective has always been to use the power of the computer to find "patterns in chaos", particularly in the matter of lottery drawings. In other words, Lotto Sorcerer exists, first and foremost, as a tool and utility to enable users to maximize their chances to win the lottery.

After all, most people use their computers as nothing more than a game machine, "intelligent" TV or as an expensive typewriter. The driving force of Lotto Sorcerer is based on the concept that computers were designed to compute: to calculate millions (or even billions) of calculations per second... and to leverage that potential.

Since its genesis, existing solely within the statistical realm, Lotto Sorcerer has incorporated state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (neural network) algorithms. It has also grown far beyond its original intention as a lottery predictor: it now encompasses data tracking and graphing, playslip printing capabilities and much, much more.