Why Lotto Sorcerer is Different

1) Lotto Sorcerer is the only software* which utilizes Neural Network technology

No other lottery software* makes any claim to using proven, state-of-the-art neural network (artificial intelligence) technology. Most are strangely silent as to how they obtain their number suggestions; believe it or not, some other lottery software producers say they use occult quasi-sciences such as numerology to make their predictions.

2) Lotto Sorcerer is the only software* that uses Virtual Lotteries

A Virtual Lottery is where you can combine two or more separate lotteries into one lottery. For example, if you have a Midday Pick 4 and an Evening Pick 4 lottery, you can join these two lotteries together into one Pick 4 lottery for analysis.

3) Lotto Sorcerer has unparalleled playslip printing capability

It is the only software* that lets you setup "special marks"... for example, your lottery may require you to mark an evening or midday play on the playslip.

4) Lotto Sorcerer is the only software* which offers a Proof of Concept

We offer a free, fully functioning program that lets you experience the core technology behind Lotto Sorcerer.

5) Lotto Sorcerer is one of the very few who had the courage to answer the Lottery Challenge

Way back in 2003, a Lottery Software System Challenge Test was issued to all known producers of lottery software. Twenty-three (23) software companies were contacted, but only five responded. We were one of the five, who had enough confidence in our software. The test was abandoned because they were unable to find enough participants. Cached views of the test can be viewed here.

6) We have been producing Lottery Software for over 25 years

We are the pioneers of lottery software. We got our start in 1987. We were here long before the "Dot-com bubble" of 1995 and we are still here long, long after the "Dot-com bust" of 2000 and the recessions of 2001 and 2008.

7) Satori Publishing is the only company to offer help to those with gambling issues

Unlike other companies which are concerned only with profits, we acknowledge the scourge of unchecked gambling. We will not exploit customers with gambling issues just to enhance "the bottom line". We encourage responsible gambling only. We have links on every page for those who require help.

*as far as we know. If you know of any other software that has one of the features that are mentioned above, please advise us at once, and we will correct this webpage.

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