Affiliate Program

Do you want to take part in Lotto Sorcerer's worldwide success?

Lotto Sorcerer is the first and most popular lottery program ever. There is a reason.

The easiest thing to do: become our affiliate and sell Lotto Sorcerer via your own website. Earn 25% commission on each sale from your site.

These software packages are available for selling through our Affiliate program:
  • Lotto Sorcerer v9.x for Mac OS X
  • Lotto Sorcerer v9.x for Windows
Just register as an affiliate on the site of our order processor (BMTMicro) and then choose Lotto Sorcerer as a program you want to sell.

For more information on the Affiliates program, visit:

Sign up now to be an affiliate at:

If you are already signed up as an affiliate, you can login at:

If You Are Already Signed Up in the BMT Micro Affiliate Program...

Here is all you have to do to start Selling Lotto Sorcerer as an Affiliate:

Step 1 of 5: Log into the Affiliates area of BMT Micro, and select menu item "Products > Full Product List". When you do so, the Full Product List webpage will open.

Step 2 of 5: Select "Games and Diversions" from the Category popup menu; filter by "Vendor Name" and type "Satori Publishing" in the filter box. Hit the "Enter" key. When you do this, our Product List webpage will open.

Step 3 of 5: If you wish to sell our products as an Affiliate, click the "Join" button. A new webpage will open.

Step 4 of 5: Select the specific products you want to sell, and click the "Show links" hyperlink. A small window will then popup.

Step 5 of 5: Make a careful note of the links that are shown on your computer screen. These are the links that you will need to use to place the links on your own website.

IMPORTANT! Your links will be different than what is shown here. The link is based on the product you are selling and your Affiliate ID.

Welcome aboard as an Affiliate!

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