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Lottery Data Subscription Service

Description of this Service

This optional service allows you to update your Lotto Sorcerer's database of past lottery drawings, automatically, online (through the Internet), for eligible lotteries. You may find this to be much more convenient than manually typing in the prior drawing numbers. For a list of the 600+ currently updated lotteries covered by this service, please click here.

You may never need to type in lottery drawings again!

This is an entirely optional service. You do not need to subscribe to use Lotto Sorcerer. Without a subscription, you can still update your lottery database (past drawings) manually or import files that many lotteries provide. Thousands of Lotto Sorcerer users do find this service to be convenient.


We have three pricing plans available:
  1. Three (3) month term for US$15.99 (This works out to US$5.33 per month)
  2. Six (6) month term for US$29.95 (This works out to around US$4.99 per month)
  3. Twelve (12) month term for US$39.95 (Best deal! This works out to less than US$3.33 per month)
Please note that, for your convenience, these terms do not automatically renew, so you will not be surprised with recurring charges, or have to worry about canceling the subscription.

Free Two-week Trial (for new subscribers)

We offer a free two-week trial for the subscription service (for new subscribers only). Simply fill out the form here. We strongly encourage all new subscribers to try this two-week free trial first (before purchasing a subscription) in order to ensure that our subscription service works with your system.

How it Works

After you have subscribed, click the "Update Data" button in the main window of Lotto Sorcerer. Lotto Sorcerer will then access our servers remotely and download and update the database for that lottery. Specifically, it will:
  1. Look at the date of the lastest drawing in your database;
  2. See if there are any newer drawings, and, if so, download them directly into your database.
If your current lottery is empty, it will download the entire dataset for that lottery.

For a screen-by-screen tutorial as to how to update Lotto Sorcerer using this service, in only two steps, just click here.

System Requirements

  1. Lotto Sorcerer version 7.9 or higher; or Lotto Sorcerer's Apprentice
  2. Internet access

"What lotteries are handled by this service?"

A full list is current lotteries covered by this Lottery Data Subscription Service can be found here. Please make sure that the lotteries you want updated are on this list before purchasing a subscription.

"How do I cancel my subscription?"

The subscription is non-recurring, so there will be no recurring charges. The subscription simply ends when the term you purchased expired. You do not have to worry about unexpected recurring charges, or being locked into a subscription that is difficult to cancel.

If you want to continue with the subscription, you will need to purchase another term by using Lotto Sorcerer's menu item "Lottery Data > Lottery Data Subscription > Start Subscription".

"Is the registration code for Lotto Sorcerer included with a subscription?"

No, the registration code for Lotto Sorcerer is not included with the purchase of the Lottery Data Subscription Service, and the Lottery Data Subscription Service is not included with the purchase of the registration code for Lotto Sorcerer. You do not need this Lottery Data Subscription Service in order to use Lotto Sorcerer... it is a convenience that many users find useful.

Ready to Start a Subscription?

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