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Registration Troubleshooting

If, after entering your codes, Lotto Sorcerer tells you your codes are invalid, try these steps:

1. Are you entering codes for version 9? Codes for any other version (versions 8 and under) will not work with Lotto Sorcerer version 9. If you are a registered user of an older version, and would like to upgrade to version 9, you may be eligible for a price break.

2. Are you entering codes for your platform? Codes for the Windows version will not work with the Mac OS X version (and vice versa).

3. Are you entering your name EXACTLY as we sent it to you? If we sent your name as "John R. Doe" , do not enter "John R Doe" , "JOHN R. DOE" , "J. R. Doe" , "john r. doe" , "John Doe" or any other variation.

4. Are you entering the registration code EXACTLY as we sent it to you? The registration code always starts with any capital letter; the remainder is either numbers from "0" to "9" or capital letters from "A" to "F" .

5. Has your serial number changed? Your serial number is unique to your installation. Although this number can "survive" an uninstallation and reinstallation of Lotto Sorcerer on the same computer, if you installed Lotto Sorcerer on a new computer (or have reformatted the hard drive on your computer, or reinstalled your Operating System), you will need a new registration code. Please advise us (via email at of your old and new serial numbers.

Registration Troubleshooter

Our Registation Troubleshooter can usually track down your issue within two mouse clicks! Check it out at reg_troubleshooter/