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Choosing a Suggestion Strategy

Lotto Sorcerer v9 gives you an abundance of choices.

You can choose:

Here is what we recommend on what settings to choose:

First, if possible you should try to keep the sectors to the largest value that is an even divisor of the pool size. For example, if you lottery draws six numbers from 1 to 48, the recommend value for the sectors is "4" , because 4 goes into 48 evenly (48 divided by 4 is 12). 5 does not: 48 divided by 5 is 9.6. Of course, with some lotteries, you cannot do this, like a lottery that draws from 1 to 29, where nothing goes into it evenly (other that 1 and 29).

Why is this important? This keeps all of the pools the same size. Otherwise, the pools will be unevenly sized, and this will skew towards that pool.

There is one downside to this: pick lotteries, which draws 10 numbers from 0 to 9 (like "Daily 3" and "Pick 4" ) means that you would choose a sector of 5 (because that goes into 10 evenly). These means each pool will only have two members to it (10 divided by 5 is 2). So this limits the number of suggestions you can play: Pick 3 is limited to 8 (2^3). Pick 4 is limited to 16 suggestions (2^4), and so on.

Next, experiment, experiment, experiment!
If possible, run 100 or so suggestions on different settings (with all limitation filters off), and print out the suggestions. Make a note on the printout as to what settings generated those suggestions. When the lottery makes its draw, count which strategy had the most wins. This would be the strategy to try.

Don't forget to try out the Virtual Lottery concept, if possible. Virtual lotteries let you join two lotteries together to be treated, and analyzed as, one lottery. For example, if you have a lottery that draws both at noon and in the evening, you can join those two lotteries together. Then compare results: compare your success rate with running the lotteries separately with running suggestions as a virtual lottery. You can setup a virtual lottery under the "Lottery Structure" menu.