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Ghosted : This refers to a control (typically a button) that will appear dim or "greyed out" . When you click on a ghosted control, nothing will happen. This is not an error, but by design.
Main Window : This is the main window in Lotto Sorcerer which opens when the program starts. Closing the window exits the program.
System Clipboard : The system clipboard is built into your operating system, and is a powerful tool for data transfer between documents or applications, via copy and paste operations. You can access the clipboard via the Edit menu in most applications, or through keyboard shortcuts.
v8 : Refers to Lotto Sorcerer version 8 (the previous version).
v9 : Refers to Lotto Sorcerer version 9 (the current version).
Wheels : Lottery wheeling is a method of arranging lottery ticket numbers in a way that will allegedly improve chances to win multiple-tier lottery prizes. Wheeling is designed for players who wish to play more numbers than the set required for a lottery ticket.

Menu Selection

When a menu selection is mentioned in this help file, it is listed as menu items separated by a 'greater than' symbol. For example, the phrase "Utilities > Database Maintenance > Check Database" means that you should select the "Utilities" menu at the top of the screen; from the drop down menu that appears, choose the "Database Maintenance" selection; from the submenu that appears, choose "Check Database" .