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Check IO Permissions


This function checks whether Lotto Sorcerer has the IO (Input/Output) permissions set properly. Symptoms of the permissions set wrong would be unexpected behavior, such as Lotto Sorcerer not being able to "remember" its preferences, or lottery data that was entered into the database is not there.

Causes of wrong permissions are varied: an improper shut down; running Lotto Sorcerer with less than an Administrator's access; a third-party installer incorrectly setting permissions; accessing software that was installed while logged in as another user.

This function responds with either an "All permissions seem to be set properly" message or a specific error message.

How to Invoke

Use the menu item "Utilities > Check IO Permissions..."

Window Controls

"Start" Button

This starts the check process.

"Cancel" Button

This cancels the operation and closes the window.