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Data Padder


This purpose of this function fills a lottery will statistically neutral random drawings. This can be useful if you have a lottery with too few drawings to even run at neural level depth of 1. You can add enough of these 'drawings' to reach the threshold required to run at neural level 1. Accuracy will be compromised, of course, because these are not actually drawings; fortunately, Lotto Sorcerer gives more statistical weight to more recent drawings, which, in this case, will be actual drawings.

Once the real drawings are numerous enough to run Lotto Sorcerer at the neural depth of 1, the spurious drawings should be deleted using the Prune Lottery function.

How to Invoke

Use the menu item "Utilities > Random Utilities > Data Padder" .

Basic Procedure

Window Controls

"Select Lottery" dropdown

Choose the desired lottery.

"Number of Drawings" combo box

Choose or enter the number of 'drawings' to add.

"End Date" date selector

Choose the ending date. It is important that the date selected be before the first actual drawing in the database for this lottery. For your convenience, when a lottery is selected, this selector is set automatically with the proper value.

"Drawing Days" checkboxes

Choose the drawing days for this lottery. This will automatically be selected by the lottery's settings, but you can override them.

"Fill" button

This starts the generation process. The results will appear in the box immediately below this button. A count of the number of 'drawings' generated will be shown to the left of the "Post" button.

"Post" button

This posts the data directly into the database. Please note that existing data will not be overwritten.