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This function was requested by several users. It simply generates random numbers in the range you wish.

How to Invoke

Use the menu item "Utilities > Random Utilities > Scrambler..."

Basic Procedure

Window Controls

"Lower Number" dropdown

Choose the lower number (0-1).

"Upper Number" dropdown

Choose the higher number (1-99).

"Use Subset of Size" checkbox and dropdown

If you do not want the entire set of numbers (from the Lower Number dropdown to the Upper Number dropdown), check this box and choose the subset size. For example, if your lottery draws six numbers from 1 to 48, but you want three games, you would choose 18 (6 x 3 = 18).

"Zero-Pad" checkbox

Any number generated that is nine and below will have a zero in front (for example, '3' becomes '03').

"Use Packets of Size" checkbox and dropdown

If checked, this will group the random numbers in packets the size you selected in the dropdown.

"Sort" checkbox

If checked, this sort the packets in numerical order.

"Generate" button

This button starts the generation process.

"Clear" button

This clears the results box.

"Copy" button

Clicking the "Copy" button saves the results to the system clipboard.

"Print" button

This prints the results.