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This utility helps you proofread lists of data, especially from a printout.

Instead of looking at the printout, and verifying the data onscreen, you can load the data into this utility, then click the "Speak" button. Then, just follow along on the printout to the spoken list.

How to Invoke

Use the menu item "Utilities > Proofreader..." .

Basic Procedure

Window Controls

"Load" button

Clicking this button opens up a file selector. Select the file you want to proofread.

"Copy" button

Click this to copy whatever is in the text box to your system clipboard.

"Paste" button

Click this to paste whatever text data in your system clipboard to the text box.

"Clear" button

This clears the text box

"Speak" button

Clicking this speaks whatever is in the text box.

"Stop" button

Clicking this stops the text-to-speech process.


This function passes the text to your operating system's voice-to-speech processor. It will work only if your operating system can handle voice-to-speech commands. This does not include third-party software that has no hooks into the operating system.