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Playslip Setup Wizard

Page 6 - Test and Finish


This page lets you preview your settings by displaying on the screen every mark of the playslip marked.

Basic Procedure

Window Controls

"Test Print" button

This prints a playslip with all of the marks of the playslip marked to your printer.

"Print Timestamp" checkbox

This prints the current date and time on the printout.

"Print Settings" button

Instead of printing the marks, this will print out the settings of this playslip.

"Troubleshooter" button

Clicking this button will take you to our Playslip Troubleshooter webpage.

"Restart" button

This goes back to the beginning (Page 1) with a blank slate.

"Delete" button

This will delete the playslip file altogether.

"Back" button

This goes back to the prior page.

"Save" button

This saves the playslip file.