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Lotto Scribe


"Lotto Scribe" lets you print your own numbers onto lottery playslips, bypassing Lotto Sorcerer's suggestions.

How to Invoke

Use the menu item "Utilities > Playslips > Lotto Scribe" .

Basic Procedure

Window Controls

"Select Lottery" dropdown menu

Use this dropdown to select a lottery.

"Clear" button

This clears the text window.

"Get" button

This retrieves the suggestions from the Main Window > Suggestions tab of Lotto Sorcerer. Please note that this button is enabled only when 1) the lottery in the Main Window of Lotto Sorcerer matches the lottery you have selected in Lotto Scribe; and 2) There are suggestions in the Suggestions tab of the Main Window of Lotto Sorcerer.

"Load" button

This opens up a file selector, where you select a text file containing the numbers you want to play.

"Paste" button

This copies text from the System Clipboard into the text box. Note that this will work only if there is text data in the Clipboard.

"Print" button

This prints the numbers in the text box to your playslip(s).


  1. When entering data into the text box, Lotto Scribe expects the numbers to be separated by a dash ('-').
  2. Bonus number(s) should be the final number(s) in the series.
  3. The playslip(s) you want to print to must have been previously setup in the Playslip Setup Wizard.