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SQL Command Line Interface


This function is intended only for power users who know SQL (Structured Query Language)! Because you have full control over the database using this interface, it is easy to inadvertently corrupt the database. You cannot "undo" any action.

Lotto Sorcerer's SQL database is a SQLite database; see the SQLite web site (at for full information and syntax.

How to Invoke

Use the menu item "Utilities > Database Utilities > SQL Command Line Interface" .

Basic Procedure

Window Controls

"Clear" button

This clears the command box.

"Copy" button

This will copy the contents of the command box into your System Clipboard.

"Paste" button

This will paste all text from your System Clipboard into command box

"Execute" button

This will execute the SQL command or query you typed in the command box.


Only one command or query can be entered at one time. After the command or query is executed, the Execute button will become ghosted. Clicking the Clear button will clear the command box and re-enable the Execute button.