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Import v6 Database


This function lets you import lotteries from your Lotto Sorcerer v6 installation directly into Lotto Sorcerer v9.

Please note that this function will work only on a new, empty database on Lotto Sorcerer v9.

How to Invoke

Use the menu item "Utilities > Database Utilities > Import v6 Database".

Window Controls

"Select Type for Import" radio button

Use this to select the types of lotteries to import from the v6 database: built-in lotteries, custom lotteries, or both built-in and custom lotteries.

"Select" button

Clicking this button opens up a standard file selector. If Lotto Sorcerer v6 is installed on the same computer and user folder as Lotto Sorcerer v9, the file selector will 'land' on the v6 database file by default. Selecting it will immediately launch the importation process.