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Remove Orphans


An "orphan" is a record in the LOTTERIES table in the database that points to a non-existing table. An orphan record can be created due to:
  1. A computer crash or power outage at the time of the creation of the lottery
  2. An incorrect SQL command issued in the "SQL Interface"
  3. A hard drive glitch
A symptom of an orphan would be a error message being displayed when selecting a lottery in the Main Window. This function will search for and automatically remove all orphans.

This function will also automatically enforce integrity in the "TABLETYPE" field of the "LOTTERIES" table. A symptom of problems in this regard would be custom lotteries not appearing in the dropdown menu of various functions.

How to Invoke

Use the menu item "Utilities > Database Utilities > Database Repair Tools > Remove Orphans".