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Lotto Seer


"Lotto Seer" allows you to view and print charts and graphs of your lottery's data.

How to Invoke

Use the menu item "Tools > Lotto Seer" .

Basic Procedure

"Data Parameters" page

First, use the dropdown menu to choose the lottery you want to work with. After you do this, the "Start Date" and "End Dates" dropdowns will contain the first and last date in the drawing database, respectively. If you want to view a different date range, use the dropdowns to make your choices.

Clicking the "First" button will populate the "Start Date" with the first date of the database for that lottery, and clicking the "Last" button will populate the "End Date" dropdowns.

If the lottery you are analyzing has one or more bonus balls, you will see a dropdown menu appear at the bottom of this page. On this dropdown, choose whether you want to analyze the main (non-bonus) numbers or the bonus number(s). Please note that if you want to analyze only the bonus number(s), on the "Frequency Distribution" bar chart will be available.

"Frequency Distribution" page

This page shows a chart with the frequency distribution for each number drawn. The first column show the number, the second column shows the frequency (i.e., number of times that number has been drawn), and the third column shows the percentage of time the number has been drawn.

The "Copy" button copies the "Frequency Distribution" chart to your System Clipboard; holding down the shift key while clicking the "Copy" button copies the "Summary" chart to the clipboard. The "Save" button saves the "Frequency Distribution" chart to a text file; holding down the shift key while clicking saves the "Summary" chart to a text file. In each case, the contents will have a tab character between each columns value.

"Data Display" page

This chart shows the calculated values for each date within your range: The "Export", "Copy" and "Save" buttons allow you to save the contents of this chart as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, to the system clipboard, or to a text file, respectively.

"Summary" display

This page contains a summary of the calculated values from the "Data Display" Page. The lefthand column contains the values, and the remaining columns contain the summaries for those values. For example, the second column (Sum) and the fourth row (Range) gives the sum of the Range column from the "Data Display" page.

"Graph Setup" Display

This page lets you configure which graph you want to see, as well as colors and features.

Choose the graph you want to see from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen. The "Frequency Distribution graph" is a bar graph; the remainder are line graphs.

The "Colors" dropdown menus let you choose the different colors for the graph:
The "Display Section" will display optional lines on the chart (average and standard deviation). Please note that the Standard Deviation lines will appear only if they are far enough apart from the Average line to be visible.

The "Default" button will set the Colors and Display settings back to the factory defaults. The "Save" button will save the Color and Display settings.

"Graph" Display

This shows the graph of the data you chose. The "Copy" button will copy the graph image to the system clipboard, the "Save" button will let you save the graph, and the "Print" button will printout the graph. The "Restart" button will take you back to the beginning. Use the Refresh button if you resized the Lotto Seer window.


For each of the three charts, you can resize each column by clicking and dragging the borders of the top rows. For each of the three charts, so can sort each column by clicking the top row. Each time you click, the column will alternate between ascending sorting and descending sorting. You can resize the window if the graph appears to packed with data.