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Tools Overview

Lotto Sorcerer contains a four power tools:

Lottery Number Oracle

Although Lotto Sorcerer's main suggestion engines look for non-random influences (and suggests accordingly), this tool can prove useful for lotteries that are extremely close to truly random. Relying on normal distribution, Lotto Number Oracle will advise on the range of dates where a number is likely to be drawn.

Lotto Augur

This tool ranks the numbers withing a lottery, using nine parameters:

  1. Numbers Frequency
  2. Most Common Numbers
  3. Least Common Numbers
  4. Most Overdue Numbers
  5. Most Common Pairs
  6. Most Common Consecutive Pairs
  7. Most Common Triplets
  8. Most Common Consecutive Triplets
  9. Odds versus Evens

Lotto Seer

This classic can display the data and its statistics both in chart form and graph form.

Pick Lottery Frequency Distribution

This tool can show how often a particular number combination has been drawn.