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Subscription Overview

If you setup a built-in lottery using the "Lottery Setup Wizard" , you may be able to keep your lottery database up-to-date with minimal effort on your part by subscribing to our Lottery Data Service. Please note that this an entire optional service. You do not need it to use Lotto Sorcerer: you can still update lotteries manually or by importing files.


How to Subscribe

Use menu item "Lottery Data > Lottery Data Subscription > Start Subscription" . You will be taken to a website to sign up. New subscribers are eligible for a free, two-week trial subscription, so you can try it and make sure that it works.

How it Works

When you click the "Update Data" button in the "Past Drawings" tab of the Main Window, Lotto Sorcerer will download data for the lottery you are working with, from the date of the last drawing in your current database up to the last drawing we have on our servers.


The only lotteries that can be set up are Lotto Sorcerer's built-in lotteries. These are the lotteries listed in the dropdown menu of the first page of the "Lottery Setup Wizard" .