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Import Fixed Width Text File


This function lets you input data from space-padded, fixed width text files directly into Lotto Sorcerer. 'Fixed width text files' are files where the data fields are at consistent positions and are at consistent lengths.

Any errors while importing will be logged into the log file. Use the menu item "Utilities > File Viewer" and use the File Viewer to review.

How to Invoke

Use the menu item "Lottery Data > Import Lottery Data > Fixed Width Text File" .

Basic Procedure

Window Controls

"Select Lottery" dropdown

Use this dropdown to select the lottery that you want to import data to.

"Date Field" controls

Select the starting position and length of the date field, the date format, and the character between the date elements.

In the following example, we see the date field is the first eight characters in the line (the first two characters are the month, the third and fourth characters are the day of the month, and the fifth through eighth characters are the year. So the starting position is '1' and the length is '8'.


"Number Field" controls

Select the starting position and length of the first number field, and click the "Save" button to fix that posi-tion into memory.

The following example shows a lottery that draws five numbers (each number having two digits). So the setting for Field #1 would have a starting position of '9', with a length of '2'. Field #2 has a starting position of '11', with a length of '2', and so on.


After entering the starting position and length for a field, click the "Save" button to save that field's parameters in memory. Continue with every field for that lottery.

"Select Input File" button

Clicking this button brings up a standard file selector. Choose the file you want to import.

"Import" button

Clicking this button imports the file you have chosen into Lotto Sorcerer's database.

"Cancel" button

Use this to close the current window and return to the Main window.