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Export as CSV


This function lets you export data from Lotto Sorcerer into a comma separated value (CSV) file, where all fields are separated by a comma. These files typically have a file extension of '.csv'. This is useful for backing up data, importing the data into an SQL database, as well as sharing data with another user of Lotto Sorcerer. The file you export can be easily imported back into the program.

Please note that unregistered versions of Lotto Sorcerer are limited to 50 records for exporting.

How to Invoke

Use the menu item "Lottery Data > Export Lottery Data > Export as Comma Separated Value (CSV) File" .

Basic Procedure

Window Controls

"Select Lottery" dropdown

Choose the lottery you want to export.

"Date Format" dropdown

Choose the exact date format you want to use.

"Character Between Date Elements" dropdown

Choose the character that separates the year, month and day parts in the date field.

"End-of-Line Terminator" dropdown

Different operating systems use different characters to mark the end of line. Choose the appropriate one.