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Edit Suggestions


This function was requested by users who, basically, wanted to add their own 'lucky numbers' into Lotto Sorcerers suggestions. This function allows you to:
  1. Edit the suggestions created by Lotto Sorcerer.
  2. Delete any of the suggestions created by Lotto Sorcerer.
  3. Insert your own suggestions.

How to Invoke

Click the "Edit" button in the "Projections Results" tab in the Main Window. Please note that this button is enabled only when there are suggestions present.

Window Controls

"Suggestions" Tab: Suggestions list box

The Suggestions list box is like a spreadsheet. You can:

"Suggestions" Tab: Add Suggestion icon

Clicking on this icon will append a suggestion to the end of the Suggestions list box. From here, you can edit the suggestion.

"Suggestions" Tab: Delete Suggestion icon

When you highlight a row in the Suggestions list box, this button will become enabled; clicking on this will delete that row.

"Suggestions" Tab: "Retrieve" button

This button will retrieve the suggestions from the Suggestions box from the "Suggestions" tab from the Main window.

"Suggestions" Tab: "Return" button

This button will push the suggestions that you edited back to the Suggestions box in the Suggestions tab in the Main Window.

"Tools" Tab: "Search For" dropdown menu

Use this control to perform a 'Search and Replace' on the suggestions in the Suggestions list box. This control selects the number to be replaced.

"Tools" Tab: "Replace With" dropdown menu

This control will replace the items which you select in the previous control.

"Tools" Tab: "Start" button

This button starts the 'Search and Replace' process.