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Notes Tab


This is the rightmost tab in the Main Window, and is used for analyzing the previous draws and suggesting numbers to play in the lottery.

How to Invoke

Click the "Notes" tab in the Main Window.

Window Controls

"Notes" text box

This is used for entering or editing your note. There is no practical limit as to how large your note can be.

"Delete" button

This is used to delete the note.

"Save" button

Use this for saving the note.

Hyperlink text box

Enter the URL (web address) for the web page you want to be able to view. Note that you should not enter the 'http://' prefix.

"Go" button

Clicking this button will launch your default web browser and take you to the web page you entered in the Hyperlink box. Note that this button becomes a "Save" button (for saving the hyperlink) whenever you edit text in the Hyperlink box.