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Filters Tab


This is the second tab in the Main window, and is used for setting the optional filters used for the analysis.

How to Invoke

Click the "Filters" tab in the Main Window.

Basic Procedure

  1. Choose the Assertion filters (optional)
  2. Choose the Rejection filters (optional)
  3. Choose the Limitation Deviation
  4. Choose the Limitation filters (optional)

Window Controls

"Assertion" Filters

All filters are optional, and are a way of helping you 'fine tune' Lotto Sorcerer's suggestion process. Checking any of the Assertion Filters means that the attribute you choose must be in the suggestions produced. Here are the descriptions of the specific filters and their attributes:

"Rejection" Filters

These filters reject potential suggestions outright:

"Limitation Deviation"

This selection affects the range of the Limitation filters. The Limitation filters keep all suggestions within a certain statistical range, but what range? This control lets you select that range. The range is defined as standard deviations. You can select from 1 standard deviation ( "sigma" ) to 3 standard deviations. You can set the "from" and the "to" values independently from each other, but not for each Limitation Filter.

"Limitation" Filters

These powerful filters, if selected, will pass only that suggestions that are statistically within the range of the average of drawings as chosen in the "Sampling Size" dropdown. And the range is decided by the Limitation Deviation selection.

For example, suppose you have selected both limitation deviation settings to 3, and the median limitation filter checked. When Lotto Sorcerer calculates a suggested set of numbers to play, it will calculate its median; then it will determine the average of the median of the past drawings. If the suggested drawing's median is within 2 standard deviations of the average of the past numbers, it will be passed as a valid number set to play.

Tip: if you use the Lotto Seer function (menu item 'Tools > Lotto Seer'), you can view how often prior drawings exceed any of the standard deviations by viewing the line chart for that particular statistical function. For example, this shows the Median values:

As you can see, the right of the chart shows the six standard deviation lines, three above the Average (+1 sigma, +2 sigma, and +3 sigma); and three below the Average (-1 sigma, -2 sigma, and -3 sigma). The chart itself shows that no drawing has ever gone below -3 sigma nor above +3 sigma . So setting the Limitation Deviation radio buttons at -3 sigma and +3 sigma would ensure no suggestion will appear that would exceed those values.

These Limitation Filters are all statistical functions, and are described in the Glossary section of the Lotto Sorcerer v9 User's Guide.

"Notes" text box

This box lets you save a short note for this lottery's filter settings. You are limited to 254 characters.

"Print" Button

This prints out the Projection Parameters and Filters settings.