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Quick Tutorial

Using Lotto Sorcerer is an easy process, with three steps:

Step One of Three: Setup a lottery

You need to setup at least one lottery. Do this from the Main Window. Choose Lotto Sorcerer's menu item "Lottery Structure > Lottery Setup Wizard" .

Step Two of Three: Enter, Import or Update Online Previously Drawn Numbers

You will need to enter, import or update online consecutive prior drawings into the lottery's database so that Lotto Sorcerer can calculate a meaningful analysis and extrapolate recommended numbers to play.

Entering Prior Draws Manually:

From the Main Window, select the lottery from the "Select Lottery" pull-down menu. Then click the "Drawing History" tab in the main window.

Click on a date in the Calendar and enter the numbers drawn for that date in the "Lottery Drawing Entry" boxes, then click the "Enter" button to enter that drawing into the database.

Tip: if you are going to be manually entering a lengthy series of prior drawings, start with the oldest drawing first. That way, Lotto Sorcerer will automatically set the calendar for the next drawing date, allowing for quick number-crunching.

Importing from Text Files:

If you want to import numbers, Lotto Sorcerer offers a wealth of resources to help you. Many lotteries offer free datasets of prior drawings you can download. Lotto Sorcerer will allow you to easily import a wide variety of delimited text files or fixed width text files.

You will find these tools in Lotto Sorcerer's menu item "Lottery Data > Import Lottery Data" .

Updating Online through the Lottery Data Service:

This powerful feature lets you update your lottery databases online (using the Internet), with minimal or no effort on your part. Please note that not all lotteries can be updated in this fashion.

This feature is entirely optional, and is an extra-cost feature. To use it, click the "Update" button in the Drawing History tab in the Main Window.

Step Three of Three: Have Lotto Sorcerer Generate Suggestions to Play

After you have entered a sufficient number of previous drawings into the database, you can have Lotto Sorcerer recommend numbers to play for the next upcoming drawing. To do this, from the Main Window, click on the Projection Parameters tab in the Main Window to set the parameters; then click the "Start" button in the Projection Results tab.