· Automatically determines datatypes
· Automatically detects field delimiters
· Automatically detects text qualifiers
· Reads Mac, Unix/Linux, Windows files
· Writes Mac, Unix/Linux, Windows files
· Mac, Linux, Windows versions available
· Only US$29.95!

DatabaseMiner DTM is an intelligent delimited text to MySQL converter. It is unique in that it analyzes the input file and determines the most efficient datatype for each field.

It also does a good job at automatically determining the field delimiters and text qualifiers the input file uses. Although it is intended for users who are familiar with data migration, these automated features are makes the program valuable for persons with limited expertise as well.

DatabaseMiner DTM takes a delimited text file as input, and creates an SQL source file as output. This SQL source file can create the table, and enter the proper values. For an example of input and output values, click here.

A full working demo is available for download. Note that this demo is limited to analyzing and importing the first 50 lines of an input file. The registered version does not have this limitation.