Q: I ran the converter, but the data is not in the database!
A: DatabaseMiner creates a SQL source file, which you must import into the MySQL database. It does not input the data directly.

Q: DatabaseMiner ignored some of the fields from the input file, even though I did not check any of the "ignore" boxes.
A: If the field had no values in it, thoughout the entire input file, DatabaseMiner will not import it, since it doesn't know what datatype it should be.

Q: Does the program convert date and time datatypes?
A: It recognizes date and time fields as text (VARCHAR and CHAR) fields. You can modify the field after importing, if you wish.

Q: Why does one need DatabaseMiner? MySQL can import a text delimited file by itself.
A: DatabaseMiner looks at the text file and determines the most efficient datatype for each field, resulting in an efficient database.

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